November 24, 2016


Many people are enduring the loss of loved ones – give thanks for the people who’ve enriched your life, both past and present.

Many people are suffering ailments or diseases with little hope – give thanks for all the healthy years and the ability to still enjoy what matters.

Many people are experiencing a high level of political angst or tension – give thanks for the power to vote and the freedom to make changes or leave if things get unbearable.

Many people are troubled by the inequities of life – give thanks for the quality of American life that is the envy of millions or billions from other nations.

Many people are distraught over imperfections in this world that bring sadness and despair – give thanks for so much more good than bad, and the promise of the afterlife.

Life on Earth is not fair, perfect, or without adversity; it never will be. But we have an amazing gift: the ability to choose how we respond. We can wallow in the bad or celebrate the good. The happiest people are those who choose to be thankful.

I thank God for the multitude of blessings in my life as well as the struggles and the strength to overcome.



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