A Dangerous Trend

October 30, 2016

After writing a post every day for two months (at the suggestion of a writer I respect), I took about a month off from Not A Victim to focus on some business opportunities, both new and old, and to devote more time and focus to things going on in my personal life. Now I’ll post here when I find things compelling.


Have you noticed the same dangerous trend I’ve noticed?

More and more often, if someone isn’t in lock-step with a particular group or movement, they are dubbed an “anti-.” And to the even further extreme, they are labeled a “-phobe,” an “-ist,” or a “hater.”

People use terms like anti-women, anti-science or anti-Catholic, and they label anyone with a different opinion xenophobe, homophobe,  or Islamaphobe. They freely throw out terms like racist, sexist, ageist if someone disagrees with their goals or methods. And anyone who doesn’t believe the same way is very often branded as a “hater.” It’s gotten so crazy that alleged “hating” is considered by many to be worse than actual crime.

The folks and institutions who believe that certain groups need their protection (I call them the “protectorate”) are quick to vilify and destroy with their judgmental labeling.

It is not healthy. It causes divisiveness. It worsens, not helps, the situation, and it enables and proliferates the victim mentality. But this type of behavior is being accepted as normative.

Unfortunately, it’s a product of our human insecurities. Our own lack of confidence makes us want to look down on others. When people find faults in others, it makes them feel somehow superior – even if the flaws are fabricated or overblown. And then they are cheered on by folks of like mind and it makes them feel even more morally justified in judging.

But it’s a recipe for disaster. It’s dangerous for our civil society, for the enabled “victims,” and for the protectorate who vilify others.

We need to remember to take the log out of our own eye before criticizing the splinter in someone else’s eye.


Thanks for reading.

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