A Helping of Happy

September 21, 2016


We are happiest when we do for others.

It’s crazy because it goes against all intuition and our base desires. It took me longer to figure out than I care to admit but the more we can bless another, or the more people whose lives we can improve, the happier we are.

From time to time people contact me when their friend, or a friend of a friend, knows someone who gets injured and ends up paralyzed. They want to help by connecting the injured person (or their family) with a person who has learned a lot after being “in a chair” for 30+ years. And, I suppose, they find me to have a positive attitude that may be “catchy.”

I’m always happy to help because I’ve been blessed in many ways through my faith and through many great people so I feel compelled to “pay it forward.” But I also understand that it makes me happy to help because we’re wired to feel that way.

Recently, I was introduced to two young men paralyzed in accidents. They both happen to be from the Denver area. I’ve shared a bit of experience and it makes me happy to see that I’ve had at least some positive impact. I’ve offered to help more, but most people are hesitant to accept help because they think they are “interrupting” or a “burden.”

I don’t take any credit but I’m especially glad to hear that one of the young men is back at college, living in his fraternity (with help from the brothers) and he’s “so active and socially exposed,” and the other young man sees that “although the mechanics of life are certainly more inconvenient, the mind still works and affords you endless possibilities.”

These young dudes don’t sound like victims to me. That makes my heart smile.

That’s the kind of mindset Not A Victim is trying to promote. These guys can inspire people by demonstrating that no adversity is too great to overcome.

What stories of overcoming can you share? Please let everyone know in the comments.

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