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September 16, 2016

Today’s post is a little different.

Not A Victim is my experiment to hopefully reduce the prevalence and spread of victim mentality by helping people see how many ways we are inundated with victim messages and how often we might unwittingly promote or enable the victim mentality. One of the things that prevents people from making choices that help avoid the victim mentality is a lack of perspective. As I continue the experiment here, I acknowledge that my own perspective may be preventing me from seeing clearly what others want or need from a website like this.

So I’m asking for feedback and even criticism. What have been your favorite posts and what have you “hated?” What topics or approaches are most helpful and what are the least? What would you like to see that is glaringly missing here? What do you like best about Not A Victim and what sucks? What kind of benefit would make you want to share a post from Not A Victim?

Please comment below or send me private feedback. All input is appreciated.

Thanks so much.

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