Being Right

September 15, 2016

We all want to be right.

It’s a normal human motivator. If we’re not living consistent with our beliefs it causes internal conflict – sometimes elevating to a clinical status.

We choose news sources that confirm our worldviews, and we congregate with people who do the same. Look at a map showing how people vote – blue or red – and notice how we segregate ourselves by our beliefs.

We believe, without investigating, things we see on the Internet that support our narratives.

We go a long way to maintain our worldview. Even so far as to deny obvious facts. Sometimes we assume that those who have differing views are either idiots or evil (or both).

And when it becomes harder and harder to maintain the worldview we’ve chosen, it’s easy to adopt the victim mentality, rather than admit to ourselves or others that we were wrong and change our worldview.

It helps to know that we all make mistakes. But that requires admitting that we are human and can be wrong.

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    • [grin] Wish you were in town for the Plaza Art Fair … we’d re-enact the scene from a year ago in front of the Plaza offices.

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