September 14, 2016

Hope is an important human experience.

Without hope for something better, we struggle to find motivation. Without hope we see our lives on a dead-end path, and we can easily become discouraged and desperate.

We were, and are, right to eliminate cronyism in government and to abolish institutional impediments to equal treatment under the law. They are not only wrong but also artificial supports of the elites in power. I can imagine very few things more frustrating than a system rigged against someone. It dampens the spirit of hope.

But consider for a moment those victim mentality enablers who seek to improve their own reputations, positions, or wallets by promoting narratives that attack results, not obstacles or impediments. It’s a flawed leap in logic to presume that unequal results must still be caused by some institutional or legal impediment.

Imagine the effect of concepts like “wealth inequality,” “unequal playing field,” “social injustice,” “white privilege,” or “affirmative action.” They are dripping with victimism through comparing up, obsessions with “unfairness” and by blaming rather than solving.

No wonder there is so much more crime in neighborhoods where populations buy into the propaganda that wealth should be based on “fairness” rather than productivity, or that success should be the same for everyone regardless of their assimilation into the market and their value added there.

The world does not work that way, so of course people who are told that they are victims of someone else’s actions, rather than their own actions or attitudes, begin to blame and then adopt that victim mentality on their way to desperation.

And we all know that desperate people do desperate things.

Our prisons and our cemeteries are full of desperate people whose hope was taken by enablers of the victim mentality.


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