September 6, 2016

Life can get messy.

Just when things seem to be going along great, we sometimes have issues arise that upset our worlds. Things that make us feel overwhelmed make us feel that way because they remind us that we are not in control. And that’s unsettling because it makes us feel like we are victims of circumstance (whether of our own doing or someone else’s).

Although the unsettling and overwhelming things are often surprises, I’ve found it helps to plan that life is just going to be messy at times. I am a fixer so I get busy cleaning up the messes, but it’s less overwhelming when I expect that there will be unforeseen bumps along the way – things I cannot control.

Even more helpful is to focus on the one thing that I can always control 100% – and that thing is my attitude. No matter how messy or how bumpy life gets, I can choose how to handle it.

When I consciously choose to compare my messes with those who have far worse troubles, when I choose to stop worrying about unfairness because my messes are no less fair than anyone else’s, and when I choose to find ways to take responsibility for my messes, I stop thinking like a victim.

And then—even amidst the messiness—I find all kinds of reasons to be grateful and to be happy.



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