Life Is Hard, But

Sometimes life is really hard.

When we lose someone we love, get a debilitating or terminal illness, experience financial crisis, see someone we care about suffering, or are subject to physical or emotional abuse, it feels awful. At times it can be so overwhelming that we do not see a way through.

It’s normal to feel like our issues or problems are insurmountable, or even like our troubles are worse than the troubles of others around us. That’s because we haven’t overcome that adversity yet. And it doesn’t help that everyone else’s lives seem comparatively trouble free or easy.

But when I feel myself slipping into that mindset, it helps a lot to remember two things: One, that most people don’t air their dirty laundry and don’t bemoan their troubles (that’s a good thing). And two, that there are a lot of people in the world who have overcome a lot more than I have to deal with and have done a lot more with their lives. These things give me hope and inspiration. If they can do it, I should be able to.

We have a choice when faced with adversity. We can decide to look at adversity as though it’s worse than others’ adversity or as though it’s just a normal part of life and shouldn’t detract from focusing on all the other great stuff life has to offer, far outweighing the bad.

It is our choice, and only our choice.

It makes all the difference.