Time to Reject

August 29, 2016

I got angry watching Mississippi Burning, the 1988 movie based on a true story about blatant and violent racism. I cheered Gene Hackman’s tough FBI character who cracked down on the abusive KKK thugs who terrorized and brutalized black people.

That kind of racism needs to be punished by society.

Abridging anyone’s rights to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness is unjust. It’s particularly disgusting and divisive when it’s based on the ridiculous belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority (or inferiority) of a particular race. That’s the dictionary definition of racism.

But the folks who benefit from the expansion of victim mentality have redefined “racism” to mean such innocuous things as describing someone by their color (unless it’s white), acknowledging statistical trends and cultural value differences based on race, or even talking about race. These folks benefit through promising political rescue, through more sensationalized news stories, or through appearing to be advocates of people “victimized” by once harmless things that are now vilified under the new definition of “racism.”

Making nearly any discussion involving race taboo has contributed to racial divisiveness by causing people to avoid each other and important issues regarding race and culture (I’ll bet this post gets very few comments and makes some folks uneasy).

The new racism definition needs to be rejected by society.

Sure, racism still exists (for all races and it always will). But promoting or increasing division is not the answer. Abraham Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Racism (as traditionally defined) is ignorant and terrible. But the new definition infantilizes and demeans people of color, so it’s also ignorant. By imposing a standard that says mere discussion about race, or even kindhearted joking about race, is hurtful (unless it’s whites), the so-called “Social Justice Warriors” and P.C. Police are saying that minorities are less able to deal with normal life stuff … in effect saying that minorities are inherently inferior (see the above definition of racism).

I reject the new racism definition and refuse to be an enabler of the victim mentality. We have to clarify that not everything that has to do with race is “racist.”

Many people consider that dangerous these days because anyone branded as a “racist” is ridiculously considered by some as more “evil” than people who physically harm others.

But it has to start somewhere.


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  1. Amen Fritz…the new definition is tragic…but I would take it one step further. I suggest that Abe would be rolling over in his grave as division on race, gender and class contrived and created by the powerful, is sickly rewarded with their primary concern…votes. Create a victim…get a vote. Sad indeed! Keep these coming and I can fully arm my sons who attend liberal universities where Indoctrination abounds!

  2. That’s right, Teresa. Glad you see the “victim industry” so clearly. Unfortunately, it happens on both ends of the political spectrum. Whether it’s one side blaming “racism” or the other side blaming “illegals,” we have got to figure out how to expose those who, as you aptly say, “Create a victim…get a vote.”

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