August 24, 2016

Life can be frustrating.

Yesterday, I spent two and a half hours on my second trip to the Sprint store because an update took away the voice-control functionality of my smart phone (the reason I bought it). When they offered the standard line, “We can’t ever go ‘backward’ with software,” I felt about as frustrated as Miss Manners at a Kardashian reunion.

It is especially frustrating when we feel things are out of our control. Even though I’m acutely aware of the victim mentality and its causes, I began to feel a little like a “victim” of the corporation that is, sadly for my hometown, poorly run.

But then I checked myself. If wresting with the cell phone company is my biggest frustration, how lucky am I? I have a roof over my head in a safe neighborhood, located in a free country. I have plenty of clean water to drink and it’s pumped directly into my home! I have plenty to eat (my tailor would say “too much”), and I have the means to go out for meals and drinks on a regular basis. I am busy with great economic opportunities, I add value, and see tremendous potential in my future. I’m surrounded by great friends and family who are eager to and kind enough to help me when I need it; plus they make me laugh.

I spent hours last evening outside at a nice restaurant laughing (yes, even after the phone store debacle) with my buddy Tony. I love him like a brother (even though he’s not very funny). Another friend, George, happened by, and I invited him to join us. As the conversation (and jesting) went on, George remarked, carefully, that I looked better than I had for years. When he asked why, Tony chimed in right away, “He’s in love.” And he’s right (she’s wonderful).

So as I considered my life on balance, the frustrating phone fiasco feels fairly facile. [grin]

But you can bet I’ll be shopping around for a new provider … when I get time.

I am not a victim.

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  1. Love your ability to rank you troubles. I’m in the insurance business and I had to call a customer and tell him some bad news. He was guy with a volatile personality and I cringed. He just said ok. I remarked he sure took it well.
    He said
    I didn’t die or lose big money. I can get past it.

    I have used that since.


  2. This is awesome, Fritz! Find the blessings! I’ve told patients that before. Make a list of all your blessings and you just did! You & Cathy are both WONDERFUL! Make an AWESOME couple!

    • Thank you so much, Gail. She truly is wonderful. Another of my blessings is getting to know her awesome friends like you. Your list idea works wonders for people with insomnia. For years I’ve told people to make a mental list of everything for which they are thankful whenever they can’t fall asleep. The game is to think that if you don’t name it, that blessing could be gone tomorrow. Works wonders!

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