Valid Opinion?

August 15, 2016

People obviously have different opinions. Different experiences and different choices make for different perspectives.

It’s interesting that some people get angry when others disagree with their opinion (have you ever noticed that people get maddest when they know they are wrong?).

Would you ever get angry if someone didn’t like a movie you liked? Of course not … you understand that opinions are subjective and you are not a “victim.”

But believe it or not, at least 154 people are so angry because others don’t like a particular movie that they want to shut down the movie rating aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. They are mad enough at the fact that the movie they like didn’t get good ratings that they’ve signed a petition to close an entire business. Wow!

They obviously don’t think the ratings are “fair” (fairness obsession?), and they want to take out their anger at the lack of their favorite-movie affirmation on others (blaming?).

These 154 people obviously have the victim mentality (and unrealistic expectations about online petitions). But how can we help them?

To me, it is apparent that the wholly unfounded narrative “every opinion is valid” has taken root (if you look for it, you’ll begin to see it everywhere).

It may sound nice, but perpetuating the absolutely ridiculous every-opinion-is-valid narrative does no one any favors.

It’s obviously not productive to always tell people they’re wrong (it also won’t get you invited to a lot of parties).

But it also isn’t helpful to foster unhealthy perspectives by telling people falsities they want to hear just to make them feel better.

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