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July 31, 2016

Religion, like politics, can be divisive because most of us already have our minds made up.

Here at Not A Victim, I will not tell anyone what to believe about God and will not advocate for or against political candidates or agendas. Our goal is to help people of all religious and political stripes see how prevalent and destructive the victim mentality is, and how to avoid fostering or enabling the victim mentality in others or ourselves. But it’s not my style to “avoid” anything that might evoke religious or political discussions. We simply require that any discussion stay positive and not devolve into ad hominem (personal attacks or name-calling*).

The current state of divisiveness all around us comes from separating people by all sorts of classifications (religions, political parties, classes of wealth, races, sexes, orientations, ages, etc.).

It’s easy to see the “other side” as the cause of our problems and cultural problems. I am guilty of this more often than I care to admit. What’s really hard is to see people with differing beliefs about religion or the best political solution as “us.” But it used to be easier when we weren’t as divided, so we know it can be better.

When we think of people who believe differently as “them” it’s harder to love them. When we embrace people as “us,” it’s a lot easier to love and forgive them, and it’s harder to blame them.

People will always have differing opinions, but if we make a conscious effort to think of those who believe differently as “us” notwithstanding, we find it’s easier to love them. And we find it’s a lot harder to blame them.

Both are even better for “us” than it is for “them.”

*This parenthetical brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department

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  1. I appreciate this post alot, considering all the political views going around these days. Thank you for your brilliant way of wording things for me.

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